I strive to inspire and connect people to realise their genius in everything I do

My mission as a multidisciplinary leader is to inspire and connect people to realise their genius.

Over the past 20 years, I've focused on building the LEGO Group into one of the world's most successful brands through new product lines, deeper relationships, better brand experiences, a greater focus on sustainability, and integrating diversity and inclusion into company culture and strategy.

Seeing the company 9X in size to over 28000 people today means I don't just understand change but also the stages of change a company goes through as it scales and how to retain a strong focus on its purpose, people, product and culture through those stages.

My path has involved setting up functions and teams to address new opportunities, re-aligning well-performing teams to become high performers, and turning around struggling teams to discover a renewed sense of purpose and impact in the company. A diverse career background and experience across multiple domains help me connect with people at all levels and give me a holistic, enterprise-level perspective on change and transformation. I prefer to partner with colleagues, consumers and customers wherever possible to co-create valuable outcomes. My mantra is if you want to go fast, go alone and if you want to go far, go together.

Privately, I'm a trustee of an educational charity, a member of the International Advisory Board of HEC Paris, and an adviser to two health tech start-ups. Creatively, I write and produce music as Oxime.


Are you driven by a search for fulfilment at work, becoming more resilient and effective in your leadership, and navigating change? Protean at Work brings together what I'm reading, reflecting on and inspired by.


Connecting people, innovation and impact is the underlying thread in my speaking and I champion consumer co-creation, the value of communities, open innovation and eco-systems for value creation.

For over two decades, I've held various roles at the LEGO Group and played a substantial part in the LEGO turnaround to become the world's most powerful global brand and among the TIME100 most influential companies.

In that time, I've built experience and deep insight into product innovation, consumer experience, -insight, -engagement, digital marketing and transformation, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.

These lenses give me a holistic understanding of consumer-driven and customer-focused innovation and transformation combined with deep insight into leadership, building trust and catalysing change in various contexts.